Alfas Fitouts offers a full range of interior finishing and fit-out services for both residential and commercial properties. Our staff assists in the planning and coordination of a variety of projects.

Designing & Graphics

We are a group of highly experienced and creative interior designers in the UAE. Our interior design firm in the UAE can turn a client’s idea into a reality that is much greater than their wildest dreams. Our interior designers and interior architects that are well-versed and highly experienced in creating both functional and graphically appealing residential and commercial interior spaces. The creative process begins with concept design. As we research finishes, design trends, and inspirations, we’ll create architectural plans for your house. Renders and early 3D models depicting the architectural components of the design will be created. We begin by working closely with our clients to create intelligent and one-of-a-kind interior design solutions. We strive to fully comprehend the client’s tastes and preferences before incorporating them into interior design ideas. Alfas fitouts in UAE can achieve excellence in interior design services by putting extreme values in place.

Gypsum & Ceiling

The ceiling gives individuals the best uninhibited view of a space and is the first thing they see when they walk into a building. It must be created in an aesthetic manner. Enhance the ceiling’s aesthetic appeal because it is the first thing that people notice.  Gypsum False Ceiling and Suspended Grid Ceiling are two options for false ceilings. Gypsum false ceilings have long been a popular building material, but now this material, which is always readily accessible, affordable, and noise and moisture insulating, can be easily used to produce the most spectacular wall and ceiling patterns. Gypsum False Ceiling is used in the majority of residential constructions. The major component, Gypsum Board, could be readily adjusted and converted into any shape. Our team of highly skilled workers can install any false ceiling design, no matter how simple or complex it is. As a result, all of your false ceiling plans are just a step away from becoming a reality.

Painting & Wallpapper

We work on both residential and commercial projects in Dubai as painting contractors. Lot of our consumers have benefitted from our services. As a commercial painting company, we specialise in new construction painting, repainting, and other related services. 

We aim to be more than simply a painting contractor for you. We seek to set ourselves apart in the business by sticking to one principle: accomplishing what we say we’ll do! That may seem easy, but we focus on providing it to our clients every day, and when difficulties emerge, we work carefully to resolve them as swiftly as possible.

Alfas Fitouts will modify your house and offer you precisely the wall transformation that you wanted, whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or office space, or any other section of the residential or commercial space. Our expert team of wall painters will provide a faultless finish for your space. Wallpapers are making a significant comeback, and there are some great patterns to choose from. This element is totally dependent on which you believe will best suit your personal style. Wallpapers are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting when applied professionally and with proper preparation.

Our professional painters are capable of painting both the interior and outside of any commercial building. We adhere to all safety regulations for our painters and the business properties on which we operate, ensuring that our commercial clients have a stress-free experience. For any commercial work, we always use the finest quality paint and paint equipment. 

Tile & Marble

Our experts will assess designs, lay out and gauge, remove any existing coverings, prepare surfaces, lay the tiles in the desired pattern, grout, and finish to the highest standards. Tiling is the process of placing similar plane objects in such a manner that they entirely fill a space without overlapping. From minor domestic tasks and maintenance to huge commercial projects, we handle all areas of tiling. With our extensive variety of high-quality floor tiling services, our creative features let you accommodate luxury and pleasure in your everyday life. 

Nothing beats appealing flooring when it comes to enhancing the look of your house or company. Classic natural beautiful wooden flooring but need a more cost-effective option. We provide trendy and functional laminate flooring installations that serve as aesthetic flooring solutions while also giving a variety of useful benefits. Our service can bring fineness to your room or a unique flair to a lobby depending on the type of marble used. We can provide marble patterns and varieties that will inspire you to create the perfect marble design for your floors and dividers. We Design marble tile, regardless of the type you choose, will provide a stunning visual impression wherever it is installed. We take pleasure in our service, expertise, and commitment to improving the aesthetic quality and overall performance of projects in the residential, hotel & leisure, retailing, and commercial sectors.

Glass & Aluminium

Interior design can never be as trendy and exquisite as it may be without the use of glass in some form. Because it offers a variety of options for decorating your house’s furnishings, kitchens, floors, and doors with enthusiastic aesthetics, the attractiveness of your home may be further increased. In terms of pricing, aesthetics, and other factors, glass is becoming a more appealing and viable alternative to solid partitions. We offer the best interior design services. To put it another way, replacing solid materials with glass will allow us to have more natural light. It will also improve the aesthetics of a structure. 

We are professionals in designing and installing unique glass interiors and joineries to make your space sparkle. As a result, we are one of Dubai’s leading glass and metal fabrication firms. If you want assistance with any of our fit out and joinery solutions, you can always seek our experienced counsel. As a well-established interior design firm, we can also offer guidance and recommendations if you’re wanting to install glass in your home or business.

Joinery & Carpentry

Our joinery design skills assure seamless coordination and the highest degree of finish. As joinery is such an important element of the fitout process, it’s critical to ensure that design specifications are accurate and of high quality. Our joinery drawing covers all types of architectural materials that are designed to be ornamental. Our draftsman creates the appropriate working drawings after reviewing the architectural plans, which are then completed by our production teams. For any carpentry work, our professionals are ready to deliver the finest available services. We have Finishing Carpenters with Dubai experience that can handle any job, from a little apartment to a large house.

Beautiful and elegant woodwork increases the value of your home and creates a more relaxing atmosphere. Our carpenters give your home or business a sophisticated and amazing look. Choosing well-designed and long-lasting furniture for your best interior. We don’t only show up on time and with the correct tools for the task! For us, loyalty also entails ensuring that every work we execute is completed with the utmost care and attention. We endeavor to bring your interior carpentry designs to life. Our experts will listen to your wants and assess your carpentry requirements in order to select the best materials and concept for you. 

Electrical & Plumbing

The Alfas Outfits team is made up of passionate and focused individuals that are dedicated to making restrooms practical and appealing to the sight. As a plumbing and sanitary works expert, we have extensive  knowledge of  restroom works, which gives us a particular advantage when sourcing goods and materials for renovations. We also have a strong track record of meeting deadlines and sticking to budgets without sacrificing quality.

Our professional engineers and technicians do comprehensive electrical work to fit out to perfection. The Mechanical and Electrical Divisions have achieved good results by focusing on the development of a talented and dynamic staff. For the fit-out premises, we provide the plumbing work. All plumbing services for the fitout premises are handled by us. In addition, we will give outstanding service from the start, lowering your maintenance costs. For Electrical and Plumbing Fit Out Services in the UAE, we’re confident that your search will stop with us. We have been providing electrical and plumbing services in the UAE for many years, ensuring quality, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Havc & Mechanical

Electromechanical work is an essential component of every interior design project. The quality of the design used determines the performance of important building services such as HVAC. To achieve a successful project execution, such competent Hvac & mechanical design must be used to its best potential. Alfas Fitout is one of the best electromechanical equipment installation and maintenance providers in Dubai for installing and maintaining electromechanical equipment. We have a competent team of experienced experts that can handle projects ranging from minor to high-end, while also ensuring that electrical and mechanical maintenance is completed on schedule. Our staff is in charge of providing you with high-quality goods and dependable services.

Metal & Steel Fabrication

From basic cutting, bending, shearing, punching, rolling, and dishing, we undertake all sorts of specialised steel fabrication works for any project, whether it is for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. We’ve completed large steel projects all around the world, including cabinets, wash sinks, filters, platforms, storage tanks, jacketed tanks, structural components, and other metal works for buildings or industries, all according to the specifications and needs of each customer. 

Our team uses a variety of innovative technologies and machines that demand less effort and assure consistency in completed product quality. The team always begins every metal work project by assisting our customers with their design requirements. We create unique metal works designs based on the approvals and directions of our clients. That concludes our recommended design prior to the start of manufacture. 

When it comes to high-volume projects, we give mock-ups to examine and verify the work effectiveness prior to production. By promoting the production of high-quality metal works . Only qualified welders work on our full-service metal fabrication and steel design projects. From a single item to high volume production, our objective is to be the most dependable supplier of bespoke metal fabrication and related services.


Alfas fitouts focusing on customized interiors and custom refurbishing solutions. One of the most important aspects of a fit out is that it creates space by establishing the underlying components that make a structure acceptable for human habitation. So, if you’re working with a facility that’s never been used as an office before and need to transform it into a lively, productive work atmosphere, you’re in need of an office fit out. The process of renewing, upgrading, or renovating the interior of a workplace is known as renovation or refurbishment. Whatever industry you’re in, an office renovation can help you turn your space into a practical and productive activity center. This could entail introducing modern office equipment, such as tables and chairs, that make greater use of available space. Partitions can also be added or rearranged to help split work areas and maximise floor space.This usually includes upgrading the furnishings, design, painting, and other finishes. For office fit out or refurbishment, choose a building maintenance partner who understands your vision and can provide assistance on service delivery options. Alfas Fitouts takes pride in providing dependable service with short turnaround times and providence best refurbishment service. We also go above and beyond to keep office fit out costs low by working quickly and keeping you informed at all times.


The whole office and commercial fitout will be coordinated by experts in fitouts, installation, and maintenance. When you choose Alfas Fitouts for your office fitout needs, you’re signing up for top idea, design, and installation services. Commercial renovations will be properly managed by us, and every detail will be attended to. Fitout is a thorough and comprehensive solution in which we remove everything from the ceiling to the floor of your old workplace and replace it with a newly created masterpiece that bears your imprint. We take great care with your project because we understand that a well-designed fitout may be the difference between having people walk in and out your door. We offer a diverse set of services tailored to the specific demands and requirements of commercial structures and spaces. Our staff has decades of expertise in the field, resulting from providing high-quality service at fair prices.

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